donderdag 30 maart 2017

Blueberry Dessert

Normally, I make this for breakfast, but it's a perfect dessert too.
The bottom layer is granola, topped with some yoghurt and a delicious smoothie and frozen berries.
The frozen berries are perfect for a sunny day, and it makes the dessert really chilly!

Ingredients (± 4 servings)
- Frozen berries - blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, ... (± 150g)
- 1 banana
- Milk (250ml)
- Muesli (150g)
- Greek yoghurt (250g or more)
- Agave syrup or honey (optional

  •  Divide the granola in 4 glasses or jars
  • Pour the yoghurt on top of the granola
  • For the smoothie, mix one banana and the frozen berries in a blender (if you want to, add some Agave syrup or honey to make it sweeter)
  • Pour the smoothie over the yoghurt and add some frozen berries of your choice on top


Delicious Veggie pasta with Broccoli & Sun-dried Tomatoes

Veggie time!
This is a simple pasta with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, chili and mozzarella. Perfect for a warm evening or a tasty lunch.

Ingredients (4 servings)
- Pasta of your choice (500g)
- Olive oil (5 tbs)
- 5 garlic cloves (minced)
- 1 red chili pepper (chopped in rings)
- 1 broccoli 
- 1 package of sun-dried tomatoes (drained and chopped)
- Mozzarella (as much as you like - chopped in pieces)
- Sea salt
- Paprika (chopped - optional)

  • Cook the pasta as directed on the package
  • When the pasta is ready, take it of the heat and pour about 1 cup of the water into a bowl and set it apart
  • Drain the pasta in a colander and let it rest
  • Put a pan on medium heat and pour 3 spoons of olive oil in it; when the oil is hot, add the paprika, chili pepper and garlic and stir it constantly until the garlic begins to simmer
  • Pour the seasoned oil and, garlic and peppers in a bowl and put the mixture in the fridge
  • Clean out the pan and put it on medium heat; add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add the broccoli until is bright green and they're a little brown on the edges. The broccoli needs to be toasty
  • Add the sun-dried tomatoes to to the pan and add the pasta water
  • Cover the pan with a lid and wait until almost all of the water had dissapeared
  • Remove the pan from the heat, add the drained pasta to the pan and mix everything together
  • If you want to, add some more pasta water and finish off with some mozzarella


woensdag 22 maart 2017

Bombay Chicken!

Time for another experiment! This is a special one.
I've tried a lot of new combinations here, and it turned out pretty good!

Ingredients (2 servings)
- Rice of choice (1 or 2 bags)
- Chicken breasts (± 2x 120g)
- 1/2 cauliflower (chopped in slices)
- Spinach (50g)
- Fresh mint (15g)
- Fresh ginger (3cm piece)
- 1 red chili
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 1 lemon
- Ground tumeric (1tbs)
- Curry powder of choice (1tbs)
- Natural yoghurt (6tbs)
- Balsamic vinegar (1tsp)

  • Preheat the oven to 220°C
  • Boil the rice in a pan of boiling water (add some salt)
  • Cut the cauliflower into thin wedges and steam them for about 15 minutes or until they're ready
  • Mix 3 tablespoons of yoghurt, almost all of the mint (keep some leaves apart), half the lemon juice and a splash of water in a blender until it's super smooth, pour it in a bowl and put it in the fridge
  • Don't wash out the blender and add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt, the rest of the lemon juice, the crushed garlic cloves, the thinly chopped ginger with the tumeric, curry powder and balsamic vinegar and blend it until it's a smooth mixture
  • Pour the mixture in a large baking tray
  • Lightly score the chicken breasts and toss them in the baking tray with the marinade and make sure they're completely covered in the sauce
  • Add the steamed cauliflower the chicken in the tray, toss everything together and add the cumin (sprinkle it over the chicken and cauliflower) 
  • Place the tray in the oven until everything is cooked through and the chicken is ready (± 20 min)
  • When ready, slice the chicken and serve with the rice and cauliflower
  • Take the dressing out of the fridge and sprinkle it over the chicken and rice and add the rest of the mint


Banana & Blueberry Pancakes

If you want a kickstart morning , these pancakes are THE thing! 
Also a great idea for a healthy dessert :) 
I've tried another recipe for pancakes, with just bananas, but this one is waaaaay better!

Ingredients(4 servings):
- 6 eggs
- 3 bananas
- Coconut powder (± 100g)
- Blueberries (± 125g - fresh or frozen)
- Coconut oil (1tbs)
- Cinnamon (1tbs)
- Mixed red fruits (as much as you like - fresh or frozen)
- Vanilla ice-cream
- Flaked almonds

  • Whip the eggs in a bowl
  • Peel the bananas and mash them
  • Mix the bananas and the whipped eggs together and add the coconut powder and cinnamon and stir well
  • Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan on medium heat
  • Add the batter in the pan (2 portions for bigger pancakes or 3 portions for smaller ones)
  • Fry the pancakes on both sides (flip them when you think they're ready, let them rest a little longer when you think they're going to break)
  • Serve the pancakes with berries and ice-cream on the side and sprinkle some flaked almonds on top


Zucchini Noodles with Minced Meat & Mushrooms

I've wanted to try this for a long time. About a year ago I tried Zucchini pasta for the first time and I liked it a lot! 
I don't know why I didn't try out this recipe myself, because its so simple and it takes almost no time!
Besides the minced meat and the mushrooms, I made some home-made pesto go with it.

Ingredients (2 servings):
- 1 big Zucchini
- Mixed mushrooms (200g)
- 1 onion
- Minced meat (250g)
- Coconut oil (1 tbs)
- Green pesto (150g -home-made or bought)

  • Peel the onion, cut in half and slice rings
  • Cut the mushrooms in pieces 
  • Cut the zucchini in long, thin strings with a spiral slicer
  • Heat the coconut oil in a big pan and cook the onion until it's soft and glazy
  • Add the minced meat and stir well
  • Add the mushroom and stir until everything is cooked
  • Add the pesto and zucchini and cook for another 1-2 minutes while stirring
  • Add pepper and salt to your liking 


zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Huevos Rancheros

Out of my comfort zone! It's time to try something new, something exiting, something I'm not very familiar with.
I've never made poached eggs before, so this was the perfect opportunity to try!
This dish is wonderful and healthy and my boyfriend and I liked it both sooo much it won't be long before we're making this again <3.
The great thing about this dish is that it's both suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
In this version I added some chorizo, but it's also amazing without any meat!

- 2 cloves of garlic (peeled, thin slices)
- A bunch of spring onions (thinly sliced rings)
- 1 red & 1 yellow bell pepper (cut into thin strips)
- 3 red or orange chili peppers (thinly sliced rings)
- 1 tin of tomatoes (± 400g)
- 1 tin mixed beans (± 400g)
- Baby spinach (100g)
- 4 big eggs
- 4 tortillas
- 1 lime (juice)
- 1 ripe avocado (slices)
- Pepper
- Salt
- Chorizo (80g - pieces) - optional
- Olive oil - optional

  • If you choose to use chorizo, bake the chorizo in the oven or in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and add it to the mixture later
  • Stir the slices of garlic, spring onion, bell peppers and most of the chili peppers in a big pan for about 10 minutes, until they're soft
  • Add the tomatoes to the mixture and mash them
  • Add the canned beans and their fluid and let it cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes until the sauce has thickened
  • Add pepper and salt as you prefer, and add the baby spinach and wait for them to shrink
  • Take a spoon and make dimples in the sauce, break the eggs on top of them
  • Put a lid on the pan and wait for about 3 to 4 minutes to poach the eggs
  • Serve everything in a bowl or on a plate and serve the tortillas, the lime and avocado with it


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Superbowl nr. 9 - Multifruit Mixture

This one is a bit of a variation on the Raspberries and Raisins Superbowl.
This superbowl contains Mulberries. I didn't add raisins and granola.
Mulberries support a healthy blood sugar and is a great source of anti-oxidants. Kiwi supports weight loss, fights heart diseases, protects the skin and tastes delicious!

- 1/2 kiwi
- 1/2 banana
- Red fruits (50g)
- Goji Berries (1tbs)
- Dried white Mulberries (1tbs) 
- Coconut powder (1 tbs)
- Yoghurt (125g) 
- Soy Milk (30ml)

  • Mix the banana, yoghurt, milk and red fruit in a blender
  • Pour the mixture in a bowl and add the Mulberries, kiwi, Goji berries and coconut powder


Superbowl nr. 8 - Raspberries and Raisins

Loads of berries in this one + granola with raisins. 
This Superbowl contains lots of superfruit and is a great source of vitamins.
Raspberries are great for your brainpower and are high in vitamin C and help to keep your eyes healthy. Goji berries boost your immune system and energy and can help lower your blood pressure.
Raisins can cure fevers and are also good for your eyes. Loads of advantages!

- Soy Yoghurt (1,25dl) - Pure or raspberry flavor
- Soy milk (30ml)
- Raspberries (50g)
- Goji berries (1tbs)
- 1/2 banana (chopped)
- 1/2 kiwi (chopped)
- Granola (as much as you like)
- Fresh Coconut (1tbs - grated)
- Chia seeds (optional)

  • Mix the banana, yoghurt, milk, kiwi and raspberries in a blender
  • Pour the mixture in a bowl, add granola and sprinkle the goji berries and coconut on top
  • Add Chia seeds if you want


Superbowl nr. 7 - Yoghurt & Strawberries

This is one of the simplest Superbowls I've made so far.
Strawberries are great as they boost your immunity and they help fight cancer. They don't contain much sugar and are a source of anti-oxidants and vitamin C. When it's not the right season to buy fresh strawberries, you can use frozen ones. The frozen ones also keep your smoothie cool!
The second version of this Superbowl is exactly the same, only I put some granola into this one for a crunchy effect :)

- banana (chopped)
- Strawberries (8 pieces)
- Milk of your choice (30ml) - I use almond milk
- Yoghurt (125g)
- Quino flakes (2tbs)
- 1/2 banana
- Almonds (2tbs)
- Maple syrup or Honey (1tbs)
- Coconut powder (optional)
- Granola (optional)

  • Mix the banana, yoghurt, maple syrup/honey, milk and 5 of the strawberries in a blender
  • Pour the mixture in a bowl and sprinkle the quinoa flakes and almonds over the mixture
  • Cut the rest of the strawberries in slices and put them together with the almonds on top of the mixture
  • Sprinkle some coconut powder on top if you want to
  • Add some granola for a crunchy effect if you like to! 


Superbowl nr. 6 - Banana meats Peanuts

When I was younger, I really didn't like peanut butter, but now I've really learned to appreciate it, and this mixture is a real pleasure!
Peanuts are very good for your cardiovascular system and they contain good proteins. I recommend using pure chocolate for this recipe because it contains a lot of magnesium which is good for reducing stress and fatigue.

- Peanut butter (1tbs)
- Milk (2dl)
- 1 banana (chopped)
- Chocolate (1tbs - chopped)
- Cane sugar (1tbs)
- Unsalted peanuts (chopped)
- Other nuts (optional)

  • Mix the banana, milk, peanut butter and cane sugar in a blender
  • Pour the mixture in a bowl and sprinkle the chopped peanuts and chocolate chips on top of it
  • Add other nuts if you want to
  • You can also put extra parts of banana on top